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Nicole Dollanganger – Sweet Girl
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why do people on this website refuse to educate the very people who are ignorant about your identities thats just really stupid and counter productive

like you want cis people to respect your identities but how can they do that if youre always keeping them in the dark

the balls in your court

i’ve never understood I DON’T HAVE TO EDUCATE YOU like okay why are you even talking about anything social justice related, that’s the whole fucking point

to educate people and make them realize what we’ve gone through and understand us better

Poor cis people.. Stumbling around in the dark… When suddenly.. A Gender? That is so scary and confusing.. Keep those trans genders talking, make sure they explain their alien lifestyle in simple, easy to swallow terms.. Nothing too wild… we will never get trans police men unless we as trans people start collectively licking cis ass. Trans rights!

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Bastille/20 piece string orchestra – Pompeii


Pompeii (Cinematic Version) - Bastille (accompanied by a twenty-piece string orchestra) (x)


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The Smiths – Please, Please, Please Let Me Get What I Want


Please, Please, Please Let Me Get What I Want - The Smiths 

honestly i am so funny and if we’re not friends ur missing out


please send zombue as many happy birthdays as u are physically able 2 :o) he deserve at least 400. Mayb even 500 who knows. lov u pup


Bats illuminated by lightning (video)