dermatologists hate him! dentists hate him! zoo keepers hate him! everyone hates this man and he is a terrible, terrible person

important message to all the queer plants

okay basically im trash and i dont think ive been keeping up with everyone’s url changes at all so if everyone could go to the network page and check that the link leads to your current url that’d be great i would rlly appreciate it!!!! if it doesnt lead to the right url pls just send me an ask and i will be on it right away thank you!

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135. Casa de Cacto (Cactus House)

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A friend was helping me with my dysphoria and said this, and it really brought my spirits up.

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aliens if ur out there beam me up

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Anonymous: ah i just saw that u answered my question but i already asked them but thank you anyway c:

aw that’s great!!

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